PlayStation Now Offers $1 Month Trial To Rival Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has been offering an on-and-off $1 month trial for the hugely popular Xbox Game Pass service for a very long time now, and interestingly, Sony's PlayStation Now alternative appears to be (temporarily) adopting a similar strategy.

The difference in PlayStation's case is that this is (so far) a very limited time trial, available from March 26th to March 29th, whereas Microsoft tends to keep the Xbox Game Pass offer running indefinitely. Here's a look at Sony's offering:

Like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now is a service which offers hundreds of accessible games, with all of them available to stream, and some of them also available to download locally. The service has historically struggled to compete with Xbox Game Pass, especially as Microsoft's offering has grown substantially over the past few years.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan stated last year that the idea of putting new first-party releases into a Game Pass model wouldn't make financial sense, but the brand had "news to come" on a response to the success of Microsoft's service.

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