Hades Not Coming To Indie Showcase
Image: Supergiant Games

Xbox has an Indie Showcase taking place on Twitch this Friday, and for a time it looked like Hades was going to be part of the event - but those dreams have quickly been squashed.

In a since deleted tweet from Twitch (thanks to Xbox News on Twitter for getting a cheeky screengrab) which advertised the upcoming presentation, a few images of games were shown. Out of the selection, Hades was one of the titles to make an appearance, suggesting a reveal of it coming to Xbox could be shown later this week.

Unfortunately, the potential leak was quickly squashed by Glenn Gregory who runs [email protected] Gregory stated that "its inclusion in that artwork was an error", and the game will not be making an appearance at the event.

Multiple other games were also seen in the collage, including 12 Minutes and The Gunk, both of which have previously been confirmed to be coming to Xbox, but it's unclear whether the entire image was incorrect or just Hades' inclusion. While the game's arrival on Xbox has been shut down for now, that doesn't mean it couldn't arrive one day.

Here's hoping!

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