Destroy All Humans Remake has had a new update, which is set to bring new Xbox Series X enhancements and a variety of new skins.

The patch notes (thanks, Twisted Voxel), highlight everything new in the patch, which brings new cosmetics, difficulty tweaks, and next-gen enhancements - all available for free. Xbox Series X players can expect to find improved graphical fidelity and resolution across the game.

Amongst the three new free skins players can use is the Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare, and Midas Touch costume. A perfect excuse to go out there and cause more mayhem in the world.

“To prolong their Human subjects' support, the Furon Empire developed three new outfits and, being the benevolent overlords they are, gave them to every base game owner for nothing but their unending servitude - and brains.”

The trailer also features another tease for a potential remake of the sequel, which was also shown in an accolades trailer earlier this month. It definitely does seem like it’s gearing up to something new. We're sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Are you going to try out the new Destroy All Humans Remake enhancements? Let us know in the comments below.