Destroy All Humans! Remake launched last year and it seems THQ Nordic could potentially be teasing that a remake of the sequel is in the works.

In a new trailer for the remake to showcase the game being temporarily discounted down by 50%, an unusual ending hints towards the sequel being next in the pipeline, which has caused fans to lose their minds in the comments section!

During the final few seconds of the trailer, another version of the protagonist Crypto appears at the end, wearing his armour seen in Destroy All Humans! 2 from 2006. He asks whether the original Crypto is done yet, to which he responds: “Wait your turn little tadpole, I’m only getting started.”

It’s definitely an unusual way to end a trailer, especially when the game has been out for some time now. So, could a remake of the sequel be on the way? Fans seemed to love the remake of the first game, and the overall critical reception was fairly positive, so this tease makes it seem likely.

Would you like to see Destroy All Humans! 2 be remade? Let us know in the comments below.