Xbox's Social Media Team Has No Interest In Fighting With PlayStation

We've seen Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussing on numerous occasions over the past year how much he dislikes the idea of a modern console war between Xbox and PlayStation, and the Xbox social media team is right with him.

Speaking as part of a Socialbakers webinar (as highlighted by AList), Steven Monterastelli, who manages all aspects of social measurement for Xbox, explained that Microsoft would much rather take a collaborative, rather than competitive approach to social media.

“We have fans that have both consoles and we need to respect that. We’re not here to say ‘Xbox is better than the competitor.’ Twitter has always been a high paced, real time platform driven by culture and community. Leaning into this and creating content based on shared insights has been key to sustaining mass interest for Xbox.”

Xbox is known for having a very strong Twitter presence, and Monterastelli explained that the Xbox team has learned that staying credible and authentic in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic has been key:

“People are coming to social because they want to engage with the brands they love. They’re looking for brands to amplify their shared values. Because of the pandemic, there are new feelings and emotions that haven’t been present in prior years. Being aware of that is key to staying credible and authentic. That’s been the insight we’ve gained. We need to be the fans. We need to show the fans that we understand them."

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