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Image: Microsoft

Yesterday saw the kickoff for the AI and Gaming Summit, with Xbox’s very own Phil Spencer making an appearance. While it wasn’t focused on announcing new games or reveals, Spencer still had some interesting notes to say.

One of his biggest mentions was how developers could be using the cloud going forward to build their games natively, allowing creators to “scale the capabilities of their game up and down”. It also has the potential to host “hundreds or thousands in a game, or making use of multiple CPUs or GPUs, to deliver experiences no local hardware could unlock”.

The cloud’s potential has been teased before with games such as Crackdown 3, which was originally going to use it to enable an extensive amount of environmental damage within its world, which could not have been achieved on the Xbox One. Unfortunately it never made it to the game’s single player, and was strictly contained within its multiplayer mode, which Digital Foundry called “a simplification of the original demo”.

We also know Microsoft is heavily leaning into the cloud to deliver console experiences to a variety of devices, with more on the way, including PC. It’s been a successful process so far, so hopefully that’s a signal for what’s to come.

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