If you're looking for some high octane thrills, then the upcoming Pacer may just be for you. Arriving on Xbox One and through backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X|S, it's speeding onto the Xbox Store on February 11th.

Pacer is a fast paced racer that packs in the thrills from the classic Wipeout series. Not only does it support single player races, but online multiplayer too. Up to ten players can duke it out across seven multiplayer modes for the chance of glory. 14 unique tracks are available with numerous variations, as well as four different speed classes.

As you can probably gather from the tweet above, the game was originally intended to release alongside the PC and PS4 versions this past October, but ended up being delayed a few extra months.

We're big fans of Wipeout here at Pure Xbox, so any excuse to dive into something similar has us intrigued. The game holds a 'Mostly Positive' rating on Steam, and received a 7/10 from our sister site, Push Square.

Are you enticed by Pacer? Let us know in the comments below.

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