There's been a lot of interest in Taxi Chaos ever since it was announced this past December, and as it's obviously inspired by SEGA's beloved Crazy Taxi, it's shaping up to be some old-school fun when it arrives on February 23rd.

Taxi Chaos will see you driving around the "immense and vibrant New Yellow City" to pick up crazy customers and deliver to them to their locations, with three game modes available - Arcade, Pro and Freeroam.

The game is available to pre-order right now on the Microsoft Store at a pre-launch discount of 10% (£23.39 / $26.99), and it's being developed by Team6 Game Studios (Road Rage, Street Outlaws: The List).

Navigate through crowded streets, dodge pedestrians across sidewalks or even defy the laws of gravity by jumping over rooftops! Nothing is too extreme when it comes to delivering your passengers on time! Discover the best shortcuts and get to know New Yellow City (NYC), as well as your passengers, like the back of your hand.

Interested in Taxi Chaos? Will you be picking it up? Let us know down in the comments.