The Coalition Dev Kate Rayner Comes Out As Transgender, Met With Industry Support
Image: Kate_JRayner on Twitter

Over the weekend Kate Rayner (who works at The Coalition as the studio's technical director) made the incredibly brave decision to reveal she is transgender to her work colleagues and industry friends via Twitter. In response, many Microsoft employees have rallied behind her with support and love, including Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

In Rayner's statement, she let out the "big surprise" that her gender identity is female, adding that the "support [she] has received from Microsoft has been amazing". After taking the decision to come out, which she says has made her happier, she confirmed she will continue to work at The Coalition with the passion and excitement that has resided within her all these years.

Phil Spencer came forward to congratulate Rayner on her "strength and bravery". He added that he is "honoured" to work alongside her and to be "working on making gaming an industry where trans people are welcome and belong."

Many other Microsoft employees have also shown their support, including Xbox's Major Nelson and marketing manager Aaron Greenberg, who added that he is "inspired by the courage and personal bravery" that Rayner has shown.

We also wish to take this opportunity to wish Kate Rayner the very best and congratulate her on making the important and brave choice of coming out!