Talking Point: Which Xbox Console (& Game) Was Your First Love?

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're celebrating the day or not, we thought we'd use this opportunity to highlight some of our 'loves' of the Xbox brand, and specifically the very first time we fell in love with an Xbox console and game.

Those who were playing Xbox back in the days of the original console will likely point to Halo as their 'first love' of Xbox, but the Xbox 360 also brought in a mass of followers, and later the Xbox One became a superb entry point into the Xbox family thanks to the addition of backwards compatibility, and of course, Xbox Game Pass.

So, with that in mind, we want to know which console was your 'first love' from an Xbox perspective, and also which game falls into that category as well. We've got a little poll running below, but tell us more in the comments!

Which Xbox console and game was your first love? Give us your experiences down below!

Which Xbox Console Was Your First Love?