R8 Games Hit The Brakes On Pacer's Xbox Launch, Devs Tease Possible Game Pass Addition

After previously being announced to finally be launching on Xbox One this week, R8 Games has delayed the release of Pacer again to March 9th to put the game in a "better position" for everyone.

The Xbox release was already coming far later than the other platforms' release, which saw the light of day last year. However, while the delay by a few weeks is a blow to fans, the announcement seems to suggest a possible inclusion into Xbox Game Pass.

In a strangely worded tweet, R8 Games stated that while "this is not the news you wanted today", it could be beneficial as some "last minute opportunities have been confirmed to better position the launch for everyone".

There don't appear to be many ways this could positively impact Xbox fans outside of an addition into Xbox Game Pass. The "last minute" opportunity suggests the team has successfully managed to have their game incorporated into the service. No doubt we'll find out soon what the answer is.

Will you be playing Pacer when it launches on March 9? Let us know in the comments below.

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