Microsoft Exec: The Average Game Developer Doesn't Want Exclusivity

Microsoft's head of cloud gaming James Gwertzman has been talking to Game Rant in a new interview, giving his thoughts on exclusivity and "whether console exclusive games are the answer to pushing platforms forward."

In response, Gwertzman explained that he felt Microsoft has done a good job at trying to support cross platform experiences, and ultimately game developers for the most part aren't keen on exclusivity anyway:

"The average game developer doesn’t want exclusivity. The average game developer wants to be on every device that players are on. They want a mobile version, a console version. Console makers sometimes want exclusivity because they want their console to be special or better or whatever, but no, we don’t think it’s the answer. We’ve been pretty open about trying to support cross platform experiences."

Over the past few years, Microsoft has started bringing nearly all of its first-party games to PC in addition to console, and has also introduced the likes of the Ori series to Nintendo Switch and PS4 as well.

Of course, Gwertzman isn't intimately involved with the process of deciding which games are chosen for exclusivity on Xbox, but nevertheless his vision seems to align with the brand's overall strategy... at least for the most part.

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