Mass Effect Legendary Cache Collectors Edition 1255144

If a confirmed release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition wasn't enough, there's a beautiful collector's edition to celebrate its release that will fulfil any fan's dream.

Known as the Mass Effect Legendary Cache Edition, it doesn't actually come with the game, but contains some of the usual bits such as an exclusive art print, pins, and a stylish box. The edition also comes with two fantastic bits of memorabilia - a mock N7 Acceptance Letter and a complete 1:1 replica of N7 Helmet which is a thing of beauty. Best part? It's actually wearable and lights up!

Helmet (2)

The Legendary Cache Edition can be purchased through the BioWare Store at a retail price of $149.99. Out of all the collector's editions that have released over the past few years, this is definitely one of the best and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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