We're still recovering from the shock of last week's news that the fabled GoldenEye 007 Xbox 360 remake / remaster had leaked onto the internet, and now a couple of developers have shed some more light on the game.

Speaking to Ars Technica, artist Ross Bury and programmer Mark Edmonds explained that the team was originally told that they had full approval for the game to go ahead, including everyone at Nintendo, but ultimately it turned out to be a high up (but unknown) Nintendo executive who shut the project down when it was practically finished.

Here's what Ross Bury had to say about the situation:

"When it was put to Nintendo, everyone there approved it, except they didn't check with the one guy who mattered... I believe I was told his response went along the lines of, 'There is no way a Nintendo game is coming out on a Microsoft console."

The outlet later went on to question Bury about whether he thought the game had any chance of seeing the light of day in an official capacity in the future, and he didn't seem too optimistic about it:

"You can never say never, but I think you would have more chance of seeing it [release on Xbox consoles] by changing everything in the game. Maybe a Halo Master Chief-based game."

The full article is a fantastic read, going in-depth on the game's development and the process of how it came to be, including the two developers' thoughts on the recent leak, so we highly recommend checking it out!

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