"Welcome to Zeta Halo"

In the latest Inside Infinite post for the month of February, 343 Industries has provided a look at Zeta Halo - the expansive world featured in the campaign of Halo Infinite.

It's worth pointing out that these latest "work in progress" screenshots have been taken from the PC build.

According to the graphics producer, Alex Le Boulicaut, 343 will "dive deeper" into other versions of the game in future blog posts. For now, here are all of the main screenshots from the latest post. Enjoy!

Familiar weapons return
Discover what Zeta has to offer
A look at Halo Infinite's time-of-day lighting system
The same shot in the evening
"Capture a Banshee and fly to a floating ring fragment across a gap of stars."

So, what do you think? To see a little more, check out 343's latest Inside Infinite blog post.

[source halowaypoint.com]