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Image: Amazon

Former Xbox corporate vice president and chief product officer, Marc Whitten, has left his role as vice president at Amazon Luna, mere months after the new cloud gaming service was announced.

As spotted by strategist Michael Ball on Twitter, Whitten’s departure occurred earlier this month and now sees him heading Unity Create as senior vice president and general manager.


As mentioned on Whitten’s LinkedIn profile, he was one of the first employees at Xbox, nurturing the birth of Xbox Live into what it is today. He resided at the company for 17 years, before moving onto other companies such as Amazon.

Luna is another cloud gaming service that was announced back in September last year. It partnered with Ubisoft to deliver access to games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla available the day and date they launched.

The news comes shortly after it was announced Google Stadia would no longer be supporting first-party titles. Instead, the focus has shifted to pushing out third-party support for Google's cloud service. It will be interesting to see what happens to Amazon Luna over the next year.

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