After months of speculation, rumours and even debunked teases, Mediatonic has finally confirmed today that its massively-multiplayer “bumble royale" Fall Guys is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this Summer.

If you've never heard of it, the game challenges you to compete as a clumsy Fall Guy with other players across a variety of obstacle courses, with the goal of outlasting all other competitors to win the coveted Crown.

There's no news on whether Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox Game Pass as of yet, but Mediatonic says it will be sharing details on new costumes, rounds, features and improvements with Xbox fans this Summer.

"In your path stands some of the wildest obstacles ever to grace an imaginary game show, so your diving, grabbing and last-second jumping abilities best be in tip-top condition. If you can picture the mayhem of “Takeshi’s Castle” and “Total Wipeout,” but populated by indestructible technicolor beans, you’re tumbling in the right direction."

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