Update (Sun 22nd Nov, 2020 11:30 GMT): Microsoft has now acknowledged this issue of media applications failing to produce black colours correctly, and a fix is reportedly on the way in the near future.

Here's what Xbox Series X director of project management Jason Ronald had to say about it:

"Appreciate the initial report from @Vincent_Teoh and a fix for this is on the way. Join the Xbox Insider Program if you would like to receive our latest updates first."

Original story (Thu 19th Nov, 2020 16:15 GMT): One of the key features outside of gaming for the Xbox Series X is the ability to play 4K Blu-Rays of our favourite films and TV shows. Yet, it seems as though the console doesn't produce the black colours correctly.

As shown in a video by HDTVtest, the Xbox Series X appears to not deliver a true image with blacks being output correctly. As identified, the colours instead are portrayed as a "very, very dark shade of grey". What makes the issue even more unusual is the fact that games don't appear to run into this issue.

"The Blu-ray app on the Xbox Series X would always display a black video signal as a very, very dark shade of grey with RGB subpixel values of 11, 11, 11, resulting in a minimum luminance level of 0.00243 cd/m2 instead of 0 cd/m2."

For most people, this may not be an issue, but anyone who is sensitive to colour correction may be slightly bugged by this. Many, including myself, have purchased OLED TVs in preparation for the next-generation of systems, which makes any issues such as this slightly disheartening.

Having tested a 4K Blu-Ray (thanks, Avengers Endgame) the effect will seemingly pass most people, but messing around with the TV settings did accurately show that the image is not 100% black. Hopefully this is something that can be patched in a future update.

Would anything like this bug you with your console? Let us know in the comments below.

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