We've seen a few of Natsume's Harvest Moon titles popping up on Xbox One over the past year, and now the developer has announced that its latest game, Harvest Moon: One World, will be available on Xbox One (in the US) as well.

In a New Year message, President & CEO Hiro Maekawa noted that a release date for the Xbox One version will be revealed soon, with the game currently set to arrive for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in early March.

Harvest Moon: One World is described as "the biggest Harvest Moon game in its history", featuring "an all-new engine and graphics, creating a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon for seasoned players and new generations alike."

"Explore a world of new and familiar faces, unique villages and adventurous challenges, while managing your growing farm.

Can you imagine a world without tomatoes, strawberries, or cabbage? Buoyed by a mysterious discovery, set out on an adventure that goes beyond your hometown, spanning the whole world! What kind of people and places await? From the gorgeous beaches of Halo-Halo to the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, there’s an entire world to explore."

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