Moving Out gave us the opportunity to see one side of the life of a removal business. Now, a new update will flip the original idea on its head and give us a look into the other side of the job.

The new update, which is labelled Moving In, sees players filling homes with an assortment of furniture and will be coming soon to the game. It takes the original concept and lets players experience what the other side would be like. It’ll be available on 12 of the game’s original levels, also packing in an auto snap option to the assist mode, as well as customisation options for shirts and new dance moves.

“The ‘Moving In’ update is available in 12 of the game’s original levels and gives players the new task of unpacking the van and placing items into their new homes; it also adds a new ‘auto snap’ option to the assist mode to help players position items exactly where they’re needed.

The update also adds the option for players to customise their character’s shirts, and debuts two brand-new dance moves – The Prospector and Loveshack!”

For anyone who has already busted through the game’s content, this will no doubt be a great excuse to return. Its charming art style and humour already made this a wonderful co-op game, and the new free content looks like a great addition. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass, so that's an added bonus too!

Will you be checking out Moving Out’s new update? Let us know in the comments below.