Xbox Creator Offers Support For Teenage Fan 'Insulted In The Press'

Original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley might not be part of the Xbox team anymore, but he's recently stepped in after a teenage Xbox fan was "insulted in the press", offering his support to the 14-year-old on Twitter.

The story Blackley was commenting on appeared in The New York Times, and centred around parents having an argument with their son over his 40 hour-per-week screen time - Xbox and his phone - during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This caught the eye of Blackley, who made multiple comments about the story, blasting it as having "insulted" the teenager in the press, and offering to send a care package to him in support.

"I intend to send a care package of awesome to young John, so if anyone in Boulder knows this family please DM me. This kid has been insulted in the press, internationally, and needs our support as gamers and developers. We can do this. I’m so sick of these stories!"

The original Xbox creator went on to tag the writer of the article in a tweet, sarcastically asking "is this a reprint from the 1990s?", while also highlighting that while he certainly felt for parents who are concerned about screen time, "online games and media have saved our social connections during this time, and it’s OK to relax some worry IMHO."

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