Warner Bros' New Games Will Have 'A Heavy Focus On Live Service'

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has some exciting projects on the way to Xbox over the next couple of years, and according to its careers website, the company wants its new games to have "a heavy focus on live service".

This specific line was spotted by MauroNL on Twitter, and it indicates that WBIE is keen on developing projects that will last for many years at a time through regular free content updates, paid DLC and/or microtransactions.

"WBIE is currently involved in a variety of new projects, ranging from casual games to core games featuring our well-known franchises on all platforms (console, digital, mobile) with a heavy focus on live service."

Of course, some of the new projects WBIE is referring to are not yet known, but previously announced titles in the pipeline include Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Q2 2021), Back 4 Blood (June 2021), Gotham Knights (2021), Hogwarts Legacy (2022) and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (2022).

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[source careers.wbgames.com, via twitter.com]