Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (Jan 2nd)

Welcome to the weekend, and Happy New Year! This is our first weekend of 2021, and there's plenty to enjoy on Xbox over the next few days, including a couple of new Games with Gold titles, the last few days of Overwatch's free play event, and over 800 games discounted as part of the Xbox Countdown Sale until January 3rd!

Here's what we're playing over the next couple of days:

Fraser Gilbert, News Editor

I've been watching that amazing 'The Last Dance' documentary on Netflix about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls over the holidays, so guess what I'm playing a lot at the moment? NBA 2K21! I'm not the biggest basketball fan, but I'm really enjoying the next-gen version of 2K21, and there's loads of content to keep me busy.

I'm still hoping to dive back into Immortals Fenyx Rising over the weekend too, which was one of my surprise favourite games of 2020. I'm actually taking it really slowly, doing a lot of exploring and straying away from the main story in order to just enjoy the world and its many surprises, so it could be a while before I'm finished!

You know what else I've been revisiting? The original Left 4 Dead! I redownloaded it with my friend a few days ago, and we had such a good time playing through one of the levels and getting to grips with it again. The novelty of still being able to play these Xbox classics (online) on Series X after over a decade will never wear off.

Have a great (and chilled out) weekend, folks.

Daniel Hollis, News Reporter

Having received Immortals Fenyx Rising for Christmas, I’ll be jumping back into that over the weekend. It’s been really refreshing just to lose myself in a massive open world which isn’t shovelling me to the next objective. I’m finally taking an extended break over the weekend so will no doubt be close to finishing it before I return to work next week.

Outside of that, I’m really tempted to finally give Hollow Knight a go. The upcoming news of the sequel and seeing how everyone is amped up to play it has me intrigued. It’s always been noted as one of the best Metroidvanias out there, which is my favourite genre, but I still haven’t got round to it.

Finally, me and my friends have really been enjoying the creative modes in Fortnite, shuffling through random player creations. They’ve been a lot fun, invoking some truly weird and wonderful ideas such as throwing people out of the incoming gas or a Crazy Taxi inspired mode. If you haven’t dived in, check them out - they’re a lot of fun!

Have a great New Year everyone!

Which Xbox games will you be playing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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