Rumour: Xbox Has Talked To 'Every Major Publisher' About Potential Game Pass Deals

The addition of EA Play to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library was incredibly well received this past November, and rumours have been rampant over the past week that a Ubisoft deal might be next in line for the service.

Windows Central's Jez Corden recently added to this by stating he thought there was "a strong chance" of this happening, and followed up on The Xbox Two podcast yesterday with some more insider info.

"I've heard that yeah, there had been some kind of talk about a more pervasive partnership between Microsoft and Ubisoft for Game Pass, and not just Ubisoft either, other publishers as well."

Corden went on to explain that Microsoft has been talking to "basically every major publisher" about potential partnerships, but in his view, his inside knowledge isn't as surprising or revelatory as it might sound.

"It's not as much of a revelation as you might think, because Microsoft didn't just get EA Play and think, 'we're going to stop there'. They're all-in on trying to get all publishers to bring their games to Game Pass."

"It's just not Ubisoft either, I've heard they've been talking to basically every major publisher, [it's] just EA is the first one that bit. EA is the first deal they locked down."

Do you think Ubisoft will bring an EA Play style service to Game Pass? Give us your thoughts down below.