Rumour: GTA V Next-Gen Might Use The Red Dead Redemption 2 Engine

We've heard basically nothing about the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of GTA V since they were announced back in June, but a new GTA Online update might have shed some light on what to expect.

According to noted Rockstar insider Tez2 on the GTA Forums, new files included as part of the latest GTA Online update indicate that GTA V for next-gen platforms is "likely" to use the RDR2 version of Rockstar's RAGE engine.

"@alloc8or found out new structs that were added with the recent update relating to the standalone version [of GTA Online] and one of them is "rage::fwuiMessageBase", which is from RDR2's RAGE version..."

"That seems to go along what @Spider-Vice & @uNi stated, that the enhanced edition is likely to utilize RDR2's RAGE version. However, it could just be that the UI would utilize RDR2's base code, while the rest remains the same."

Tez2 goes on to speculate that he's "not expecting much" from the upgrade (if it happens) beyond graphical and performance upgrades - in other words, not a "complete overhaul" - but it'll feature key enhancements nonetheless.

"I think we would just see the game running better and smoother with higher FPS and polished textures. These sort of improvements would likely facilitate the process of making future content."

As highlighted by GTABase, other parts of the code appear to suggest the new version of GTA Online will feature a character transfer option, as well as a potentially improved user interface with a new landing page.

Obviously none of this has been confirmed, but Rockstar has promised "a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements" will be included when GTA V arrives for next-gen in the second half of 2021.

Excited about this? Will you be checking out the new version of GTA V? Let us know down below.

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