Rumour: Devil May Cry 5 Might Be Returning To Xbox Game Pass Soon

You might remember at the start of January that Microsoft was teasing an old favourite returning to Xbox Game Pass in the near future, and a couple of Xbox users think they might have discovered it in Devil May Cry 5.

The reason? The game (reportedly) recently appeared in the xCloud Streaming Preview library for users in Mexico, and apparently, this also happened with Code Vein ahead of its addition last month as well.

"I spotted it on the xCloud Streaming preview test a few days ago. I'm certain about it cause it's a similar case like Code Vein that it was available on the xCloud before it was announced and available on console weeks later."

Devil May Cry 5 was originally added to Xbox Game Pass back in August 2019 before being removed in August 2020 - so no surprises there - but it did just recently get a 'Special Edition' re-release for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which we'd particularly love to see added to the service.

Ultimately though, this is one of those things to take with a pinch of salt for now. In any case, we should find out more about what Xbox Game Pass has planned for the rest of January (aside from previous reveals) over the next few days.

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