Random: Disposed Xbox Controller Named The Culprit In UK Lorry Fire
Image: BucksCouncil on Twitter

While causing mayhem in games is a given, the real world calls for more caution, as the results of one waste lorry fire caused by a single Xbox controller have undoubtedly proven in Buckinghamshire, England.

Buckingshamshire Council posted on Twitter the effects of one disposed Xbox controller, as an incident caused a fire following the peripheral being thrown away incorrectly. The council is now calling for residents to ensure they "correctly recycle small electrical devices and batteries in order to prevent fires on board waste vehicles".

It's crazy to think that one measly Xbox controller could be the source of such destruction, but it's an eye opener to be careful with any old electronics you're throwing away. It could lead to serious consequences!

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[source twitter.com, via planetradio.co.uk]