Although there's pretty much no information about the new Fable game by the Forza Horizon team Playground Games, it's still easily one of the most anticipated Xbox releases.

Presumably, it'll be an expansive world, with plenty to do - that means, of course, it requires a lot of talent to help bring the next chapter to life. Playground has been on a recruitment drive since the game was announced last July, and with this in mind - it's just secured the services of Steven Thorton, who will be taking on the role of Associate Chief Designer.

Thorton previously worked as a senior game designer at Sperasoft. While it's not exactly a household name like certain other video game companies, it plays a rather significant role - assisting various publishers and developers as a co-development studio.

Last year, for example, it was discovered it would be helping out 343 Industries with the release of Halo Infinite right before the game was delayed. Steven also appears to have been at least temporarily involved with 343's upcoming title, according to his Twitter bio and LinkedIn page.

Apart from working at Sperasoft since 2016, Thorton was previously employed by TT Fusion across multiple roles for more than six years - contributing to a number of LEGO video game releases.

When do you think we'll be able to play the new Fable game? Excited for this next chapter? Tell us down below.

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