Path Of Exile 2 Almost Certainly Isn't Going To Release In 2021

We suggest not getting your hopes up about seeing Path of Exile 2 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X in 2021, as Grinding Gear Games studio head Chris Wilson has advised a release date in 2022 seems more accurate.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Wilson explained that the challenges brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic have caused some difficulties, meaning "the progress of development hasn't been as fast as we wanted".

"We have had difficulty hiring internationally because the borders to New Zealand are closed, so that has curtailed the exponential growth of our asset creation team a little bit.

The progress of development hasn't been as fast as we wanted, and so our goal is to bash as hard as we can during 2021 on Path of Exile 2 stuff and see how much headway we make. Trying to get as much done as possible, and that'll give us a better idea of a good release date we can estimate, which should be towards the end of the year."

In the meantime, Path of Exile is getting a brand-new expansion on January 20th in the form of The Echoes of the Atlas, which features loads of new content including 11 new maps and a new wave-based game mode.

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