Nacon Announces Acquisition Of Big Ant Studios For €35 Million

French publisher Nacon has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire sports developer Big Ant Studios for a maximum of €35 million, starting with an initial price of €15 million.

The Australia based Big Ant Studios is best known for creating the likes of Cricket 19, Ashes Cricket and Don Bradman Cricket, as well as the recent AO Tennis 2 and Tennis World Tour 2 games, and the Rugby League Live series.

Nacon says the deal will allow the publisher to "acquire several key Intellectual Property assets", and the company ultimately "intends to become the world's leading player in rugby, tennis and cricket."

"This acquisition represents a significant step in Nacon's strategy. It significantly strengthens our ability to create new sports games that match our ambitions in the AA segment. Through this transaction, we intend to become the world's leading player in rugby, tennis and cricket.

Nacon is also proud to welcome the talents of Big Ant, one of the most creative studios in the industry, and we will support its growth on new, even more ambitious projects."

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