Major Nelson Celebrates 20 Years At Microsoft, Teases 'Wildly Exciting' Future for Xbox

Xbox Live's Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) is today celebrating 20 years of working for Microsoft, posting a lengthy recap of his history and learnings with the company, as well as teasing a bit about the future of Xbox.

Hyrb notes that being part of Xbox has always been "everything I could ever have wished for", and "is the best thing (outside of marrying my wife and having our daughter) that I have ever had the honor of being part of."

Hyrb, who currently works as as director of programming for Xbox Live (originally joining the Xbox team in 2001), points out that Microsoft is in a better place than ever in 2021, and he's "wildly excited about the future of Xbox".

"As I think about the past twenty years (which went so fast!), I have to say this: This version of the company is the best one I’ve seen. It’s incredible. Last month, in my conversation with Phil Spencer, he spoke about where we are going in the years ahead. I know some details about some of these projects and, well, I am wildly excited about the future of Xbox."

What future Xbox plans do you think Hyrb is referring to? Congratulate him on 20 great years below!