Johnny Silverhand aka Keanu Reeves
Image: @CyberpunkGame

If you thought CD Projekt Red might perhaps delay the release Cyberpunk 2077's DLC after all the glitches, bugs and crashes players have been encountering since the base game's launch, think again.

The company recently sent its DLC webpage live, reminding users to "stay tuned" when its entirely free DLC starts to arrive early on this year. Yep, it's seemingly going ahead with it despite everything that's gone down recently.

"Free DLC starts hitting night city early 2021. Stay tuned for more info!"

Visit the teaser page yourself to see it in motion.

Cyberpunk 2077's DLC was originally meant to be revealed before the game was released, and then the anticipated title was obviously delayed on multiple occasions so CDPR decided to hold off until after launch - with more information intended to be shared in Q1 this year.

Since the game arrived on 10th December 2020, CD Projekt Red has issued a bunch of hotfixes. Within the same time frame, the game's also been removed PlayStation's Store (Microsoft added its own warning) and the Polish company could potentially face multiple class-action lawsuits which it says it will vigorously defend itself against.

What are your thoughts about the DLC for CP2077 arriving so soon after the launch period, and given the state the game is still in on certain platforms? Share your thoughts down below.

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