Xbox Exec: People Were Worried Xbox Game Pass Would Devalue Games

Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of gaming at Microsoft, has recently been talking about Xbox Game Pass in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, including how developers reacted to the service when it first arrived.

Interestingly, Bond noted that there was plenty of scepticism about Xbox Game Pass in the early days from "people" in the industry, and the big concern was that a subscription service would ultimately devalue games.

"When we started out, a bunch of people said 'look, this is going to devalue games'. But when we pored through the data, we actually saw the opposite."

"Because games have a community effect and the more people play, the better the experience and the more viral it becomes - and because games are inextricably linked to a store mechanism, there's DLC, there's things you buy in games ... the effect is actually the opposite."

This isn't the first time Bond has talked about this - she noted back in 2019 on LinkedIn that some people "freaked out" over the idea of the service, believing that it would "make it impossible for developers to make money".

Of course, Xbox Game Pass has since proven itself to be a highly successful venture for both Microsoft and developers alike, and Bond highlighted that she was excited about the potential of the service moving forward:

"I think we're actually just at the tip of the spear now, we're only three years in, but we're going to see way, way more types of games, diversity of games, diversity of experiences..."

Were you a believer in Xbox Game Pass when it first came along? Give us your thoughts down below.