Seriously, The Xbox One Version Of Halo Infinite Hasn't Been Cancelled

There's been a rumour doing the rounds this week that the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite had been scrapped.

It all stems from the LinkedIn profile of Halo Infinite's UI art lead Chad Mirshak, who yesterday added the Xbox One version of the game to his page after initially leaving it out, causing all sorts of speculation. The Verge's Tom Warren later confirmed - via 343 Industries - that the game was still on track for the last-gen console.

If all of this wasn't already enough, 343 community manager John Junyszek also chimed in publically on Twitter - reportedly denying the rumour in response to a now-deleted fan tweet.

The guy just wants to enjoy his holidays, so in other words, anyone on social media should probably stop asking him if the last-gen version of Infinite has been axed because it apparently hasn't been.

So, that's that! Halo Infinite really hasn't been cancelled on Xbox One, according to all of these sources. Would you have any interest in playing the game on this platform? Tell us down below.

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