Yep, YouTubers Are Already Smashing Up The Xbox Series X

One of the things you can always count on with any new console launch is that a bunch of YouTubers will make videos about destroying them, which is exactly what one YouTuber has done with the Xbox Series X.

As demonstrated in the video (which we've now removed from this article) the Xbox Series X is shown to be incredibly durable, surviving multiple full force throws of an actual fridge without turning off. He gets legitimately frustrated at how durable it is, before finally dealing the killer blow through the top of the vent.

The controller doesn't fare quite so well, losing functionality and eventually breaking completely after a few hard throws, which of course is entirely expected. We hope nobody is throwing their controller around like this anyway!

All of this feels like a massive waste, but hey, at least we know it's durable. Give us your thoughts below.