Xbox Posts Picture Of A Hedgehog, SEGA Rumours Start Up Again

Cast your mind back to September, and you might remember a series of rumours that suggested Microsoft might be either acquiring former console manufacturer SEGA, or entering into a partnership with the company.

Nothing ultimately came of it, but those rumours have been sparked into life once more today - the result of a silly picture of a hedgehog with an Xbox controller posted by GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg on Instagram.

We'd suggest not looking into this too much, but who knows?! It's a strange picture to post on social media considering that the Xbox exec knows it'll garner a reaction, so maybe some kind of partnership is in the works?

Here we are, reporting on stories of hedgehog pictures. It's been a bizarre year...

Do you think Xbox is teasing a potential partnership with SEGA here? Give us your thoughts down below.