Xbox Boss Suggests PS5 Pricing Represents A 'Heavy Investment'

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been talking a little more about Microsoft's decision to unleash two next-generation consoles on the world later this month in the form of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

In an interview with Spanish outlet La Vanguardia, Spencer explained that being "price conscious" was a part of Microsoft's next-gen strategy - hence the Series S - and went on to point out that "certain platforms" (clearly referencing Sony's PlayStation 5) could prove a heavy investment for casual gamers and families.

"When we thought about doing Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we thought about markets where price might be an important consideration for families - and the value of Game Pass.

You know, gaming can be an expensive hobby. I see certain platforms going to, in the US pricing, $70 for games. The consoles are $500 in US pricing. And I think that's a heavy investment for people who aren't every day playing videogames - kind of, the more casual player or a family that's balancing many things."

Of course, Microsoft is also pricing its Xbox Series X at $500 alongside the standard PlayStation 5 in the US, so there's not much difference there, but the Xbox Series S is significantly cheaper than both at $300.

And when you factor in the low cost of Xbox Game Pass, which will include all future Xbox Game Studios titles, the £69.99 / $69.99 price point for select PS5 first-party games certainly seems steep in comparison.

How do you feel about this? Which console represents better value? Give us your thoughts below.