Unity Exec: The Xbox Series S Will Be A 'Real Differentiator' This Generation

Since the Xbox Series S reveal, many have questioned whether its power will hold this generation back as developers scramble to ensure their games work for both Xbox models. However, Unity chief product officer Brett Bibby believes the system is “extremely capable”.

In an interview with GamingBolt (as spotted by GameReactor), Bibby spoke briefly about the Xbox Series S and how its power shouldn’t be underestimated going into the new generation of gaming:

"It's important to remember that the majority of people don't have a screen that does 4K120, so there's an audience that the S is designed for. They perhaps won't need some of the detail the X can achieve. However, it's important to remember the S is an extremely capable machine, because those hardware differences are focused on delivering a similar experience at a lower resolution.

He also went on to say that Microsoft’s method is a “smart approach” and how the Xbox Series S will become “a real differentiator this generation":

That is a really smart approach, the device has ray tracing, an SSD, nominally the same CPU as a Series X. The only thing it lacks is the power to run at 4K- which simply isn't always needed, the bedroom TV of some teenage gamer isn't likely to be a 4K wallhanger beast, so its great for those situations. I would expect the Xbox Series S will be a real differentiator this generation."

Bobby’s thoughts have been echoed by many others in the industry. The Falconeer devs recently commented on how the Xbox Series S is surprisingly powerful, with developer Team Blur Games also echoing those thoughts by stating the console won’t hold back games.

The Xbox Series S was also showcased earlier this week as being an efficient emulator for consoles such as the Nintendo GameCube by YouTube user Modern Vintage Gamer, who claimed the console ran emulations better than most other systems.

Do you agree with Bibby’s thoughts on the Xbox Series S? Let us know in the comments below.

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