It was revealed yesterday that upcoming Xbox Series launch title The Falconeer would run at up to 120 frames per-second even on the lesser-powered Xbox Series S, and the game's developer Tomas Sala has been speaking more about the next-gen console's "powerful" capabilities in an interview with Unity.

Asked about anything particularly cool that has stood out about developing for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Sala highlighted the latter as a "significant piece of hardware."

"One of the big surprises for me is just how powerful the Series S is, it’s such a significant piece of hardware in a small form factor. This is a powerful piece of next gen hardware."

"You’ll have a very similar experience between the Series S and the Series X."

This was echoed by the head of marketing at publisher Wired Productions yesterday too, describing the Xbox Series S as "an incredible piece of hardware that has amazed us during development."

It sounds like you're going to get a fantastic experience regardless of which next-gen console you play The Falconeer on, then, which brings its single-player, open-world air combat to Xbox and PC beginning November 10th.

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