Xbox Series S Won't Hold Back Next-Gen 'In The Slightest', Says Dev

Ever since the Xbox Series S was officially revealed earlier this week, there's been some speculation as to whether it might cause issues for developers due to its lower-powered specs compared to the Xbox Series X.

Everyone has their opinion, of course, but in this specific case, indie developer Gavin Stevens of Team Blur Games has taken to Twitter to write a lengthy thread (41 tweets!) about why the Series S won't hold back next-gen "in the slightest":

In the thread, Stevens explains that the Series S has a slight drop in CPU performance but "likely won’t even use most of its power, as maxing out all 8 cores at full speed is a rarity." He also points out that despite what some are saying online, the GPU in the system "eats the past-gen Xbox One X alive, and it really is no contest."

He goes on to suggest that if any concerns crop up for developers, it will be in the smaller and slower RAM in the Xbox Series S (although the drop in resolution will also mean a "massive drop in VRAM utilisation"), and also mentions that unlike making a next-gen game and porting to the current-gen Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S is built so similarly to the Xbox Series X that it can be "as easy as dropping the res and a few quality settings."

Here's how he sums it up:

So as a final answer to the question, is the Series S going to hold back game design or graphics for ANY next gen system? No, not in the slightest. Jason Ronald from Xbox already said it best: 'games are made for Xbox Series X, then scaled down resolution to Xbox Series S'."

Again, this is just one developer's personal opinion and he points out that he has no access to dev kits for either system, so his reasoning is based purely on "experience and logic." Nevertheless, it's a fascinating breakdown that we definitely recommend checking out if you have the time to read it!

What do you make of this? Do you think the Xbox Series S will hold back next-gen in any way? Let us know below.