The Xbox Series Launch Produced Some Classic FedEx Encounters
Image: @Smash1031, Reddit

The global launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S kept delivery drivers across the world very busy yesterday, and one of those companies was FedEx, which has conjured up quite a few noteworthy stories!

For starters, a user named damny on Reddit made the serious accusation that a FedEx driver potentially tried to steal their Xbox Series X, explaining that the console was marked as delivered before they actually received it.

One FedEx driver also decided to have a little fun with an Xbox Series X delivery, proclaiming their love for PlayStation on a "we missed you" notice. We don't agree, but we appreciate the humour all the same...

And finally, a user called DaeDalus90 on the Xbox Series X Reddit posted a video of a FedEx driver literally tossing the Xbox Series X onto their porch with very little care taken. We wince at this one every time!

As highlighted in the video description above though, there was also a lot of love shown towards FedEx yesterday from the Xbox community, so hopefully your experience with the delivery company was a good one!

How did you get on with FedEx / UPS yesterday? Let us know in the comments below.

What Was Your Xbox Series Delivery Experience Like?