Poll: Has Your Xbox Series X|S Shipped Yet?

Are you counting down the days? We're edging ever closer to the release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Tuesday, November 10th, and some people are even starting to receive their consoles early!

We've learned of a Reddit user in Montreal, Canada who supposedly already has their hands on the Xbox Series S, while someone in Porto, Portugal apparently received their Xbox Series X this week as well.

There are also a few reports floating around the web of Xbox fans whose consoles have already shipped - either via Microsoft directly or through other retailers - although this certainly isn't the case for everyone yet.

So, what about you? Has your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S been marked as 'shipped', or are you still waiting for confirmation? Perhaps you ordered in store and just need to collect yours on November 10th? Tell us down below.

Has Your Xbox Series X|S shipped yet?