Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Release: Everything We Know So Far

Ever since the highly successful release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC earlier this year, there's been one question on many Xbox console owners' minds - when is it coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

Developer Asobo Studios has talked about this version of the game in recent months (so it's very much happening!), but we're still a little bit in the dark as to when Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally take-off for consoles.

For now though, here's a catch-up of what we know about Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox so far...

Which Xbox Consoles Is Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming To?

Microsoft Flight Simulator was originally announced as coming to Xbox One in addition to PC, and the official FAQ for the game still references this - so we're assuming a current-gen version is in the works.

In addition, Xbox boss Phil Spencer noted during the Gamelab Live 2020 keynote fireside back in July that he's looking forward to playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X when it eventually arrives.

"I will say a game that just every time I see it is so stunning, is Microsoft Flight Simulator. And for us at Xbox and Microsoft Gaming, Flight Sim has a long history inside the company.

The studio at Asobo is doing amazing work on that - it's such a technology powerhouse that game with what it's using in terms of cloud compute to deliver the experiences they have, and I think that game on Series X is going to just be jaw-dropping and I can't wait to experience that on the next-gen."

What Is The Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Release Date?

Unfortunately, there isn't one just yet! For the time being, the official Microsoft Flight Simulator FAQ simply states that the team will "share more information regarding the Xbox release in the future".

Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann did comment on the Flight Sim Xbox release date back in August, however, telling Xbox Live's Major Nelson that the team is "working full speed" on the Xbox version.

"We are dedicated to come to Xbox (console), we're working really hard to make this happen. We don't have a timeline quite yet, but we are working full speed. Because we know it's important."

What Has The Developer Said About The Xbox Version?

Asobo Studios has remained largely quiet about the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator up until this point, but Flight Sim head Jorg Neumann did speak a little bit about it in an interview with Gaming Bolt back in September.

“We are very confident that the simulator will be just as amazing on Xbox as it is on PC. Some things might even be better. Regarding the controller, our intent is to deliver a great experience using any controls you already have, so you can enjoy the experience with a gamepad as well as a mouse and keyboard. We’ll have more to share with you about the Xbox version of the simulator closer to launch.”

Will Microsoft Flight Simulator For Console Be On Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft has previously confirmed that it intends to add all first-party games (as in, games that have been published by Xbox Game Studios) to Xbox Game Pass from the day of launch, which includes Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The game is already available with Xbox Game Pass for PC if you're a subscriber to that service, so we're almost certain that you'll be able to play it with Xbox Game Pass for console when it launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Are you looking forward to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox? Let us know down below.