The Xbox Series X has been out in the wild for the past week-or-so, with various journalists and influencers getting their hands on the system and testing out its backwards compatible features.

Sony hasn't yet done the same with the PS5 on a wide scale (although some Japanese YouTubers have been demoing it this weekend), but nevertheless we've already got some size comparisons between the two.

This is the result of Augmented Reality, which is using the official dimensions of the PS5 to provide a near-accurate representation of how the two consoles will look side-by-side. And as you can see from the video above and a separate (possibly slightly less accurate) comparison below, Sony's system is looking particularly huge.

Again, we should note that these Augmented Reality comparisons aren't always perfectly accurate, but nevertheless this gives us a good example of how the two consoles will stack up this November.

Ultimately, they're both much larger than anything we've become used to in recent years due to their immense power, but the Xbox Series X - and obviously the Series S - definitely aren't quite as overwhelming as the PS5.

What are your thoughts on the size of the Xbox Series X and PS5? Let us know down below.