When the Xbox Series X's new Quick Resume feature was first unveiled back in March, it drew somewhat of a subdued response. But according to those who have got hands-on with it so far, it's a very much a game-changing feature.

In case you aren't aware, Quick Resume allows you to pause multiple games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and then come back whenever you like without being required to to re-load them. Switching between titles takes just a few seconds, and puts you right back to where you were.

Here's what some critics are saying about Quick Resume on Xbox Series X so far:


"In conjunction with Game Pass, where I'm often jumping between multiple games I have downloaded anyway, Quick Resume truly shines. With Quick Resume, Xbox Series X showcases some genuinely innovative next-gen tech we don't even see on gaming PCs. It's kind of a game changer, literally."


"I kinda slept on that a little bit... Now, having played a bunch of games with Quick Resume, right now, for me, this is the sort of game-changing feature of Series X."


"This might be the coolest software feature of the Xbox Series X. Quick Resume allows players to toggle between several active games at once, rather than having to close out one title before loading another. In my experience, games load between five and ten seconds, and my character is always exactly where I left them."

There are still more details to be revealed about Quick Resume, including how many games it supports at once and whether all games will support it (some titles on the prototype preview unit apparently aren't working with it right now), but in any case, it sounds like this is going to be a very useful feature on the Xbox Series X/S.

Are you interested in Quick Resume, or can't you see yourself using it? Let us know below.