Rare and Battletoads developer Dlala Studios have confirmed that the 2020 reboot has enjoyed over one million unique players to date, having only been released back in late August.

In celebration, the two studios have unveiled an accolades trailer which you can see above, as well as a bunch of stats about the game that they've been tracking over the past few weeks.

Specifically, players have collectively died 80,037,506 times, more than half of which were turbo bike crashes. First level boss Porkshank has taken a total of 1,562,508 beatings, players have swept up 8,677,560 collectibles, and fellow Toads have been revived 2,880,267 times!

As for the speedrun record? It's currently held by Fuzzyness, who completed it as part of the Game Pass for PC Battletoads Speedrun Challenge, clocking in at 1:38:51 on 'Tadpole' difficulty with a 100% completion.

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