Xbox Series X

Pre-orders for the next-generation Xbox opened in Australia earlier today and both units reportedly sold out within "record" time.

EB Games (owned by GameStop) was the hardest hit - with the retailer's website seizing up as soon as pre-orders went live at 8 am. It resulted in a lot of disgruntled customers who were unable to secure a unit. Shortly after this, EB's social media pages were flooded with complaints.

A lot of the same people resorted to JB Hi-Fi as a backup (Australia's largest home entertainment retailer) and while many were able to put down a pre-order, the retailer made no promises it would be able to supply everyone with a system.

According to local website Press Start, various other retailers also sold out almost immediately. This included online stores like Amazon as well. If you did miss out and happen to live in Australia, certain stores - like EB Games - will be offering additional pre-orders, but unfortunately, it's for the post-launch stock, which is expected to arrive later this year.

There are also reports of delays until 30th November for anyone who pre-ordered from the local Microsoft Store:

Have you managed to secure an Xbox Series X/S yet? Are you still waiting for pre-orders in your region to open? Tell us down below.