One of the new features coming to the next generation of Xbox consoles when the Xbox Series S and X launch this November is Quick Resume, allowing you to switch between multiple games near-instantly.

We've seen this demoed on the Xbox Series X before, but Microsoft has now shared an updated look at it running on the lesser-powered Xbox Series S, and it seems to be working very well indeed!

You can check out the footage in the timestamped video above (begins at 4:40), in which Program Manager Jason Ronald switches between Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Minecraft Dungeons and a couple of others mid-game.

As far as we're aware, Quick Resume will support a minimum of three games at once on the new consoles, with the potential for more depending on the memory demand of each title. The feature will require just a few seconds of loading between each game, and is possible due to the custom SSD tech included as part of the console.

Interested in the new Quick Resume feature? Will you make use of it? Let us know in the comments.