The New Xbox Dashboard Rolls Out To Insiders This Week

Last week, Microsoft unveiled the "New Xbox Experience" - a new, connected ecosystem for Xbox that will be shared across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows 10 and mobile this November.

The new UI features a "brand-new look and feel", including changes to "tile shape, fonts and focus indicator across the experience", and some Xbox Insiders will get a chance to test it out beginning today.

But despite the design changes, Microsoft says the overall layout of most of the pages won't be drastically changing, so you won't have to learn a whole new user interface ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Profile Themes (1)

As part of this testing period, Insiders will also be able to try out the new Profile Themes feature (as seen above) which allows for more expression through customisation. Several themes will reportedly be available at launch including some from Xbox Game Studios titles, with more to be added over time.

And finally, Insiders will be the first to be able to sign into multiple Xbox consoles at once. This means you'll be able to play Project xCloud while watching movies, for example, but there's one catch - your account can only be playing one game at a time in order to keep all your progress, achievements and saves synced up to date.

Looking forward to testing these new features later this week? Share your thoughts in the comments.