Update: Sega has confirmed that Phantasy Star Online 2 "global access" is now available across 33 regions on Xbox and PC following the release of its Episode 4 update earlier today.

If you want to check out the full patch notes for Episode 4, you'll find them on the game's official website.

Original story: It's finally here, Phantasy Star Online 2 fans - the game is now available to download on Xbox One (or from the Microsoft Store) throughout various regions in Europe, including the UK.

Until now, Phantasy Star Online 2's release in the west has been limited to North America on console, but it looks like the game has quietly been released to other countries over the past 24 hours-or-so.

All of this appears to be tied to the game's Episode 4 update, which releases today and also brings the game to Steam across 36 regions. The update will introduce new Story Missions, Urgent Quests, Battle Arena, Crafting, and more.

Excited to finally get hands-on with Phantasy Star Online 2? Let us know if you'll be downloading it below.

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